New Year, Same Me: And That’s Okay

The biggest transformation that happened for me this last year had nothing to do with my body and had EVERYTHING to do with how I see my body.

January 2019 compared to January 2020 – same me, but transformed perspective!

If you want to lose weight this year, great. If you want to take a different approach to health by balancing things from the inside out, that’s something I will continue to share about in 2020.

Just remember – someone else’s before and after doesn’t tell the full story. What looks like “discipline” may actually be disordered eating. What looks like gaining weight or hitting a plateau may actually be a year of grief and stress. We can’t measure success or failure from a picture.

What’s always missing in these before and after pictures is the DURING.

When I think back on my mental health journey the last 5 years, the key part of healing for me has been taking power back from the scale and the size and focusing on choosing what will fuel me for clear brain, slowly and gradually. That resulted in a better relationship with food and so much more joy in the present journey. No more “if ____, then ____” mentality.

For a fresh perspective and conversation about realistic resolutions, weight loss, before and after culture, and how to be pro-health without being pro-diet, check out the latest episode of the Sparking Wholeness podcast called “New Year, Same Me: And That’s Okay!”


In this episode, I speak to my friend Katharine about her journey with resolutions, how she went off sugar for a FULL YEAR, and how that impacted her relationship with food now. Much of what we say may surprise you.

Click on the tree to the right for the show page or check it out on iTunes here.

Don’t forget – there is still room to join “Re-Focus 2020” – a 10 day wellness community to help you start your year with a balanced look at how true health is so much more than physical!

Cheers to a new year with a new outlook on the SAME us!

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