Nutrition Coaching: Kitchen Therapy

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As a survivor of bipolar disorder, I found that it takes many tools to manage the symptoms of chronic illness. One tool I believe strongly in is kitchen therapy. What you eat can directly impact your mental health and well-being. Likewise, your relationship with food and mindset toward it can impact your mental health and well-being. Individualization is key, and like I always say, “a body in stress will not digest.”

This isn’t about a diet plan.

My program is unique, because my program is focused on FREEDOM… freedom from being weighed down by rules and restrictions, poor mindset, negative thought patterns, and a poor relationship with food. My program is about ADDITION over RESTRICTION.

With freedom and the right tools, there is healing.

Private coaching is available! When you purchase six sessions up front, your first session is free!

What I do:

I use evidence-based programs like Intuitive Eating, genetic testing, and patented Food Inflammation Testing to build a plan that is helpful and sustainable for every client. A sample four-session format looks like this:

  1. Session 1: We evaluate your health history and find patterns that exist. We break down your core beliefs about food and your body, and we establish a practice of mindful eating.
  2. Session 2: We look at my four pillars of mental health, and see where we can find balance. We discuss ways to crowd in the nutrient-dense food, and find ways to incorporate more variety in your diet without restriction.
  3. Session 3: We discuss the concept of restraint vs. restriction, and we look at what areas you need to show restraint.
  4. Session 4: We put all the work together and find roadblocks that need to be assessed.

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What you get:

  • Individualized recommendations based on your individual health history (there is no other person just like you!)
  • Mindful eating tips
  • Pantry makeover and a grocery store guide, plus delicious recipe ideas
  • Stress management support
  • Brain health optimization
  • Supplement recommendations
  • A supportive partner to encourage you and stand by you as you become your own health advocate

I currently offer 30 minute complimentary health history consultations to see if we make a good team!

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I believe STRONGLY in the importance of supplementation for overall health. For more information on what I use, click here.