See what a few clients are saying!

“Erin is very knowledgeable!! She is one of my go-to resources when it comes to integrative nutrition. I have done a few of her challenges and have learned SO MUCH each time. I have made a few lifestyle changes that have really made a difference in my health!”

– Krista

“I have been working with Erin for a little over two months. I have been struggling with a chronic illness for years and in the last year it has led me to some serious nutritional issues and feeling a little hopeless. Honestly, I wondered if I was grasping at straws in meeting with her, but figured it couldn’t hurt.

I didn’t realize until my first session with Erin how much stress and guilt I was carrying in my journey and hadn’t even considered how they were impacting my body. (They negatively impact me…like, a lot, btw.) Erin took time to research my condition and had new, manageable suggestions to try. The biggest thing she has emphasized is finding balance. I hadn’t even realized how out of whack my life had become: nutrition was just one piece of the puzzle.

My journey with all this is not over, but with Erin’s help I am feeling more confident, calm, and well fed – physical, emotionally, and spiritually.”

– Stephanie 

“Erin is extremely knowledgeable about health & nutrition. She has taught me so much & has been apart of my healing journey with food & body image. I’m forever grateful for her support, encouragement, wisdom, & friendship.”

– Katharine

“Erin Kerry is a wealth of knowledge. She studies and speaks from a place of honesty and authenticity.

In January 2018, I joined a 21 day detox and reboot group that she led. During this time, she shared meal ideas and other strategies for detox and weight loss. In the 21 days I lost 12 pounds! Yes, you heard that correctly….198 pounds down to 186. Oh and by the way, it is December 2018 as I write this review and I weighed in at 184 pounds this morning. Bottom line, she will put you in a program that is sustainable and tailored towards your goals.”

– Dan

“I highly recommend any of the challenges Erin Kerry runs on this page. She is super knowledgeable and is passionate about health & wellness. I participated in her 21 day Sugar Detox last January and it was such a great thing to reset my health goals! Also it was great to plan healthy meals that my whole family enjoyed!!”

– Angie