Benefits of Eating Seasonally for Your Immune Health

Did you know your microbiome changes along with the seasons? In this conversation with Chelsea Blackbird, we discuss how to optimize eating seasonally in order to improve overall health.

Chelsea Blackbird is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who works with women to optimize metabolism and food peace. She uses Biblical guidance and simple strategies to keep busy women focused on more God and better health.

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Key Topics:

  • Fall foods and the historic aspect of eating seasonally
  • How the gut microbiome matches up with the food we consume seasonally
  • Fall foods to enjoy now
  • Savory dishes for root vegetables that don’t involved cups of sugar to turn them into pies
  • Herbs and spices that improve health, including the benefits of oregano, cinnamon, and rosemary, among others
  • Whole food nourishment for immune health
  • Chelsea’s experiment with a carnivore diet and what she learned
  • Habits that Chelsea is incorporating right now for her health
  • The nutritional program that you should join in November

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