Getting to the Root of Thyroid Issues and Autoimmunity

As hypothyroidism seems to become more prevalent, and those suffering face a myriad of symptoms, it’s important to ask the question: what more can we do to support thyroid health?

Dr. Nicole Fujiyama is a naturopathic doctor who helps adults navigate and find natural solutions for autoimmune diseases in order to transform their health and get back to living their best life.

Download this episode here or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • What is autoimmune disease vs autoimmunity
  • The growing prevalence of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s
  • How thyroid is traditionally tested and why a full thyroid panel is recommended
  • Lifestyle factors that trigger autoimmunity
  • Why you should love the liver
  • The process of gut healing
  • Is an elimination diet necessary?
  • Bonus: Fun facts about Chinese medicine!

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