A Biblical Perspective on Health and Nutrition

Carly Stagg and Chelsea Blackbird are co-creators of The School of Christian Health and Nutrition. They teach holistic health rooted in Biblical principles and certify people who are passionate about health and Jesus to become Christian Health Practitioners. Carly is a Family Nurse Practitioner and functional nutritional therapist. Chelsea is Christian Health Practitioner and nutritional therapist. They have combined the very best of their functional health training and clinical experience to offer a comprehensive program that fully integrates spirit, mind and body.

In this episode, both practitioners share their heart for a holistic, Biblical perspective on health that is often missing in the world of health and nutrition. 

Download and listen here or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • Why there is a need for The School of Christian Health and Nutrition
  • The Genesis prescription
  • What most holistic health practitioners are missing
  • How to charger your water battery
  • Supporting your infradian rhythm by eating seasonally
  • The body’s resilience and using the nervous system for healing
  • Using targeted lab work to understand baseline health
  • Who this program is for
  • How to start integrating mind-body-spirit

Sign up or learn more at christiannutritionschool.com and follow on Instagram at @christiannutritionschool.

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