Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Nachos

Guys. I just stumbled upon something amazing. Do you ever get the craving for buffalo sauce or is that just me? Lately I have been OBSESSED with Primal Kitchens Buffalo sauce, AND I found a vegan ranch that is creamy and delicious with NO soybean or canola oil. (Can you tell by the capital letters how excited I am???)

I should also add that I am – once again – off of gluten and dairy. Why? A few reasons. One, I feel better. Two, my skin has been acting up and these are the two main culprits for many skin issues. Three, I really don’t need to offer an explanation for why I decide to eat the way I do, so move along with your judgment. Haha. I say that in a spicy way because about a year and a half ago I started following a bunch of “food freedom” nutritionists, dietitians, and influencers in hopes that I would gain a better understanding of how intuitive eating could work in my life – so that I am not held down by diet culture and its nonsensical food rules.

What I discovered is that in allowing myself unconditional permission to eat anything and everything, my mental and physical health started suffering, and turns out – my INTUITION about gluten and dairy and sugar was right – I don’t do well with those guys. So… if by listening to my body’s cues and leaving those things out of my diet means I’m just falling prey to the evil snares of “diet culture,” then the whole food freedom movement is just as judgmental and apt to finger-pointing as the “diet culture” they are so against. You can’t promote food freedom and eating intuitively for YOUR BODY, then tell someone they’re doing it wrong.

Ugh. Double standards and hypocrisy make me LOSE MY MIND. And there is so much of it happening today, I’m surprised I’m sane enough to be typing this out. As one of my good friends in the wellness world says, “eyes on your own plate.” YOU get to decide what is best for you, not matter what anyone else thinks about it.

Oh – am I supposed to be sharing a recipe? Apologies. I’ll stop ranting in CAPITAL LETTERS now.

Here we go…

Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Nachos


  1. 4 boneless chicken breasts
  2. 2 sweet potatoes, scrubbed and sliced into rounds
  3. 1 bottle Primal Kitchens Buffalo sauce
  4. 1 bottle Field and Farmer ranch dressing
  5. Bacon, crispy and crumbled
  6. Green onions

That’s IT! Now for the directions:

  1. Place chicken breasts in a crock pot or instant pot and cover with half a bottle of the buffalo sauce. Cook until done. For my crockpot, I set in at 6 hours on high but it was done in about 4.
  2. Slice sweet potatoes in rounds, skin on or off (your choice), place on parchment paper and bake in oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes or until crispy. I turned them over a couple times while cooking.
  3. When chicken is done, shred it and mix it up with the sauce in the crock pot. Set to warm option.
  4. When sweet potatoes are done, lay them on a plate and layer with chicken, bacon, green onions, and a drizzle of the ranch.

You can watch my Instagram reel for the video below. Enjoy!

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