How to Solve Your Period Problems

Andrea Jones is a Registered Nurse, Functional Hormone Coach and Inner Healing Pastor. She has spent the majority of her nursing career in hospital settings before transitioning to nursing education and finally out of the conventional medical system altogether. She now works with women all over the world to uncover the root causes of their hormone imbalances so they can get back to thriving. 

Download and listen to this episode here or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • What is a functional medicine approach to hormones and why do we need it?
  • Ways your period is a barometer of your overall health
  • What your hormone symptoms say about your body’s needs
  • The liver’s role and the gut-brain connection
  • Support for progesterone
  • The brain’s role in hormone health
  • The role of trauma with menstrual issues
  • Lifestyle red flags for hormonal balance
  • How Andrea’s work as an inner healing pastor supports her work as a hormone expert

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