Talking About Gut Stuff Can Be Fun

Lisa and Alana MacFarlane are identical twins in every way – except when it comes to gut health. They became the ‘chief guinea pigs’ for the British Gut project where they discovered that despite having 100% the same DNA their guts have only 40% the same microbiota.

In their debut book The Gut Stuff, the dynamic duo offer a fun-filled, fact-packed, achievable guide to better health. In this fun and informative episode, we cover all the basics of gut health in a fun way!

Download and listen here or listen wherever you get podcasts!

Key Topics:

  • Background on The Gut Project
  • The gut/stress connection
  • How this book is different from other gut health books
  • Your gut on alcohol
  • The concern for orthopedic
  • The importance of fiber for good gut bacteria
  • Individualization of eating for gut health
  • Importance of lifestyle factors
  • How to embrace fermented foods
  • The most surprising thing they learned about gut health

Get all the best tips on having a healthy gut on their website,

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