Why You Need More Protein for Your Mental Health

In light of the new research being published on mental health, this episode is important! Our brains need key nutrients to function, and if we want to support the root cause of brain balance, we need to be aware of what nutrients we need. Because protein is crucial for building our neurotransmitters, it takes the primary focus in this podcast episode.

Christina T. Veselak, MS, CN, LMFT, is the founder and director of the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition which teaches practitioners around the world how to use diet, along with amino acid and nutrient therapy to help prevent cravings and recurrent use by restoring neurotransmitter function and keeping blood sugar in balance. She has been a licensed psychotherapist working in the SUD treatment field since 1985 and a certified nutritionist specializing in mental health and addiction recovery since 1993.

Download and listen to this episode here or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • What the brain needs most to be fed optimally
  • Why protein is the number one thing you need for mental health
  • The minimum protein requirement for most people
  • The neurotransmitter hack that only takes 20 minutes
  • Amino acid therapy and medication – what can you do?
  • Why antidepressants stop working long-term
  • How stress causes nutrient depletion
  • How low serotonin creates cravings for junk and sugar
  • How to support female hormones and PMS
  • How to know what amino acids you are deficient in

Learn more about how to support your neurotransmitters at aminoacidtherapy.com and eatingproteinsaveslives.org.

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