The Surprising Secret to Health and Longevity

Being able to fight against oxidative stress and damage is crucial for our whole body health. When our body can fight free radicals with antioxidant support, we are healthier and have greater chances of being disease-free. Some studies even show oxidative stress being linked to brain issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Chris Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nano materials, and MyVitalC, the world’s first nano antioxidant.

When Chris realized a Nobel Prize-Winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make ESS60 into a household item. He’s now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and pain-free lives one dose at a time.

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Key Topics

  • The Nobel Prize winning background story for ESS60
  • How Chris got started in the carbon nanomaterials industry
  • The problem with 50% of supplements
  • How aging is related to inflammation and oxidation
  • What antioxidants do to support healing
  • Migraine and menopause relief
  • How ESS60 improves sleep without grogginess
  • Who could benefit from MyVitalC

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