How to Break Free from Yo-Yo Dieting and Live Your Life in the Body You Have Today

What does it mean to make peace with food and your body? Why doesn’t restriction work? What does it even mean to give yourself “unconditional permission to eat?”

Holly Toronto has 4 years of experience helping highly driven women stop dieting and build resilience to toxic beauty messages. She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that guides her clients towards self trust, confidence and Sovereignty over their entire being; body, mind and soul.

In this episode, we discuss how to break free from the back and forth cycle of dieting for GOOD, how to live your life in the body you have without judging or objectifying it.

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Key Topics:

  • Holly’s turning point in her dieting journey and what transitioned her to a body acceptance approach to coaching
  • How elimination diets trigger orthorexia
  • Food is more than fuel, and finding pleasure from food doesn’t have to be a morality issue
  • The pleasure and satisfaction factor in eating
  • How to improve your relationship with food and your body image
  • Weight as a poor indicator of health
  • Digging into the root of body image issues
  • How sexual trauma and abuse plays a role in how we see our bodies
  • Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat and its effect on the nervous system
  • Number obsession and vanity sizing

Holly has group coaching available as well as many resources on her website. Follow her on Instagram @holly.toronto

Grab Holly’s Free Body Gratitude Meditation here.

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