A Busy Mom’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Rai Moorhead is a a Master Certified Health Coach with over 15 years of professional and personal experience with health, nutrition and fitness. She specializes in helping women reframe negative thought patterns about eating and exercise into positive affirmations. She is passionate about helping women see that true beauty is beyond the scale and the mirror.

In this episode, we cover all the tips and tricks to support busy moms and their family’s health! Download here or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • Rai’s science-based approach to health
  • How to make healthy habit changes
  • Grocery-shopping tips
  • Meal planning ideas for the whole family
  • What to know about reading labels
  • How to help kids enjoy healthy eating
  • How to wean off fast foods
  • Keys to improving sleep, which regulates all the above!

To learn more about Rai and download her “Fresh Start Grocery List,” head to her website.

Thanks to our sponsor: Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Head to sleepnumber.com/wholeness to find your best sleep.

2 thoughts on “A Busy Mom’s Guide to Healthy Eating

  1. Healthy eating is arguably the most important concern that a parent can have, as they want to make sure that their children are receiving the proper nutrients. Great episode shared here!


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