How to Survive Stress Without Burning Out

It is well-known that chronic stress contributes to chronic disease. Research shows that as much as 90% of illness is attributed to the impact of stress. Finding a way to manage stress in our very busy world of constant notifications is a challenge. So I was excited to connect with Erica Cuni for this recent podcast episode. Spoiler: multiple listeners have written in to tell me that this is their favorite one!

Erica Cuni, known as “The Burnout Professor,” is a stress and burnout expert. She teaches high-achievers how to consciously thrive through an integrative approach. Erica is the founder of “The C.U.N.I. Method” – which stands for Create Undeniable Natural Impact. She is a former Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Professor at Central Connecticut State University. Her mission is to help make the mental health field more effective, accessible, decolonized, and non-stigmatizing.

Download this episode here or listen wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • Erica’s background as a crisis therapist
  • Why our stress capacity varies
  • Knowing how to rest and doing it actively
  • The importance of physiological sighs
  • Why almost every diagnosis in the DSM is a dysregulated nervous system
  • How to learn to regulate over time
  • Finding a circadian rhythm balance with your nervous system
  • Pandemic trauma
  • How we don’t have to hustle to thrive

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