Yoga for Mental Health and Stress Resilience

Yoga isn’t just a “fitness trend.” There is so much data to support yoga as treatment for mental illness, trauma, and stress management.

In this episode, yoga instructor Luci Davis shares her love of yoga in a practical, helpful way! Download here or listen wherever you get podcasts.

Luci is the founder of “Pajama Yoga with Luci.” She began practicing yoga in 2006 following surgery and treatment for thyroid cancer. She believes yoga was integral to her recovery physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her motto is “practice with the body you have today.”

Key Topics:

  • How Luci fell in love with yoga
  • Yoga as a prescription for brain health and recovery
  • The science behind how yoga works
  • The role of the vagus nerve and gut/brain connection in yoga
  • How to strengthen vagal tone to create stress resilience
  • The importance of breathing to unite body and mind
  • What it means to practice with the body you have
  • Learning self-awareness
  • Trauma healing and how “your issues are in your tissues.”
  • How to give yourself a vagus nerve ear massage and use breathing techniques for frustration

Learn more about Luci and subscribe to her videos at here.

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