How to Individualize Your Diet for Your Unique Body

Our bodies are so unique! The food that makes you feel amazing may make another person feel horrible.

While it is important to have freedom to enjoy the food you want to enjoy, it’s also okay to say no when your body doesn’t respond well to something.

This was hard for me to learn, and left me with “reverse food shame” for choosing the foods that are health-promoting for my body and brain.

We unpack all this on the latest episode of the podcast with guest Tracy Cromwell who recently wrote the book, Your Personal Journey with Food.

Tracy is a certified health coach and personal trainer who changed the trajectory of her health after she was told she was pre-diabetic in 2006. Today, she helps women stop yo-yo dieting and learn to create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Key Topics:

  • Tracy’s background as a yo-yo dieter and the diagnosis that changed the trajectory of her health
  • The importance of individualizing food for your needs
  • How to get off the yo-yo dieting train
  • Be an investigator into your own health
  • How to enjoy food without falling for the dieting trap
  • What makes Tracy’s book different from the other health books out there
  • Looking at the “how” to determine next steps in your health
  • External factors that impact our wellness
  • Underlying issues that contribute to chronic health issues
  • The importance of testing for food sensitivities
  • How to accept yourself where you are

Find Tracy’s book, Your Personal Journey with Food, and more information about her, at her website.

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