Habits of Healthy Moms – Interview with Dr. Orlena Kerek

orlena_square_smDr. Orlena Kerek is a pediatrician turned weight loss coach and mom of 4. In this packed episode, she shares how she wants to make nutrition easy and fun for both moms and kids.

She gives practical tips to create healthy, sustainable habits. She shares her 4 keys for health and how she incorporates those things for her clients.

Learn more about Dr. Orlena and access her free gifts at www.drorlena.com and listen to her podcast Fit and Fabulous over 40!

Key topics:

  • How to get kids to eat healthier
  • Common health concerns that are impacted by nutrition
  • Creating new habits for our families in a way that’s fun and easy
  • How to get past grazing all day
  • How to present healthy food so it gets eaten
  • How to get past rewarding with food and establish a healthier reward system
  • How to give yourself permission to prioritize yourself
  • How to create habits that fit easily into your lifestyle
  • Her favorite snacks and why she loves eating Mediterranean-style

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