21 Days to Body Image Freedom

No matter who you are or where you live, we can all agree that the year 2020 shook things up. For many of us, 2021 is already proving to be just as challenging. You may have started off with good intentions, resolutions, goals, plans, or a word of the year. You said you were going to exercise more, eat better, read your Bible every day, or cook more meals at home. But it’s so hard fighting back the negative beliefs, those lies that tell you you aren’t doing enough, you’re lazy, you’re unmotivated, or you can’t stick to anything.

Maybe you are sticking to your goals. Maybe you’re really killing it in 2021 and you feel motivated – but you know something is missing in your spiritual life. You’re still plagued with a need to be better, do more, and perform.

I’ve once again teamed up with my friend Heather Creekmore, author of Compared to Who and The Burden of Better, to bring you ReFOCUS 21, a 21 day wellness course aimed to give you a fresh focus. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so our desire is for you to start renewing your mind in the way you think about body image, health, and diets. The group starts on February 1 – and each day’s content will be delivered straight to your inbox!

Upon joining, you’ll gain access to all the materials we’ll be discussing throughout the 21 days. Each day, you will receive two videos (one from Heather, one from me) to encourage you with a new perspective on physical, mental, and spiritual health. Topics range from nourishment, to balance, to habits, to movement, to satisfaction, and so many more!

Last year, hundreds of women joined our ReFOCUS 2020 group in order to renew their view of their health and body image. Here’s what some of them said:

“[The best part was:] The videos by Heather and Erin. I learned a lot and was just encouraged listening to them talk. And mostly just being reminded that I’m not in this struggle alone and that we don’t have to keep striving to make sure we look a certain way or better than someone else. We can just do our best to take care of our bodies with nutrition and move for the joy of moving and not to punish our bodies. Gone are the days of doing workouts I HATE just for the results. There is so-much-freedom in that.”

“I loved this group so much. . .Every single post was so well planned. I liked that both Heather and Erin would reply to people’s comments. I learned tons from the posts and the videos but I also learned from the comment section.”

“Listening to the heartfelt, prayerful, and knowledgeable videos by Erin and Heather was like having good friends giving me a heart-to-heart. I looked forward to every single video and post, and gained a renewed and healthier perspective on food and body image. Thank you so much!”

“This was a GREAT value for my money. I couldn’t believe how available Heather and Erin were to answer my questions and dialogue about tough issues. I’m sad it’s over!”

The cost of this group is $49. We have taken past participants’ feedback and extended the length of the course, made it accessible via email instead of Facebook, added some extra challenge activities included, along with a Q and A Zoom meeting for all participants. And of course, as a bonus for joining, you will receive for absolutely free my “Family Favorites” recipes booklet and Heather’s “Mountain Top Experience: Personal Body Image Retreat” (retails for $5.99) electronic booklet.

If you are a past participant of ReFOCUS 2020, you may be able to join at a discounted rate. Contact me for more information!

Sign up here to register!

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