Re-Focus 2020 – It’s Back!


Can you believe it’s almost March? This new year isn’t so new anymore. Maybe you’ve already forgotten your word of the year, or broken your resolution. Or… maybe you’re still figuring out if you should have a word or resolution!

In January, my friend, body image expert and author of Compared to Who, Heather Creekmore, joined me to coach 50 women in an online group called Re-Focus 2020. This group was a huge success. We both believe strongly that being caught up in body perfection is enslaving. We created the group because we want to help women change their views of themselves and find purpose outside of the scale, pants size, or mirror. We want women to see that there are ways to nourish yourself that have nothing to do with a restrictive diet plan.

Here’s what a few participants had to say about their experience in January: 

“Listening to the heartfelt, prayerful, and knowledgeable videos by Erin and Heather was like having good friends giving me a heart-to-heart. I looked forward to every single video and post, and gained a renewed and healthier perspective on food and body image. Thank you so much!”

“[The best part was:] The videos by Heather and Erin. I learned a lot and was just encouraged listening to them talk. And mostly just being reminded that I’m not in this struggle alone and that we don’t have to keep striving to make sure we look a certain way or better than someone else. We can just do our best to take care of our bodies with nutrition and move for the joy of moving and not to punish our bodies. Gone are the days of doing workouts I HATE just for the results. There is so-much-freedom in that.”

“I loved this group so much. . . Every single post was so well planned. I liked that both Heather and Erin would reply to people’s comments. I learned tons from the posts and the videos but I also learned from the comment section.”

This group is for every woman who has tried all the diets, the plans, the groups, and still struggles with balancing physical health, spiritual health, and mental health. This is for the woman who says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and is tired of letting what she sees in the mirror define her value.

Heather will cover the topic of having a renewed spiritual perspective on the way you look, dieting, rest, and more. I will talk about how to improve your physical health and nourish your body with a non-diet approach in order to improve digestion, nutrient absorption, mental health, and your overall relationship with food.

This group will take place on Facebook in a private group, where Heather and I will share a combination of videos and written posts twice a day for 2 weeks. You have up until a month after the group launches to catch up on all the posts, so even if you go on vacation for Spring Break – you don’t have to miss out on what we share!

The price for this group is only $28! This includes two packed weeks of content, interaction with me and Heather throughout the week, a live Q and A call, and access to the group for a month after joining. Sure there are plenty of online coaching groups – but you won’t find many with TWO facilitators who will be interacting with you on the daily. As a thank you for joining, you’ll receive for free my “Family Favorites” recipe booklet and Heather’s “Mountain Top Experience: Personal Body Image Retreat” (which normally retails for $5.99).

To sign up, click the link here for our participant questionnaire and payment link.


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