The Hidden Drivers of Mental Dysfunction

Shawn Bean is the founder of Matrix Health and Wellness, and is considered by his colleagues to be one of the most innovative clinicians in practice today. Shawn has the unique ability to uncover hidden patterns with complex client cases, unravelling the core findings of functional medicine test results and patient histories, and to employ unique, and bio-individualized therapeutic approaches to optimize well being and minimize adverse reactions.

Download this episode here, or listen wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

  • How to use gene SNPs as a road map
  • The popular gene SNP MTHFR – and how it doesn’t act alone
  • How dairy and folic acid blocks folate receptors
  • What’s behind neuroinflammation?
  • Mold toxicity and EMF sensitivity
  • The problem with supplementing with vitamin D on its own
  • The mind-body interconnection and how the vagus nerve plays a role

Learn more about Shawn and work with him at his website.

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