Top Foods to Improve Your Libido

Can your diet impact your sex life? The answer is yes! It involves the same function that keeps your heart and brain healthy – blood flow. For this special Valentine’s episode, I welcome Leslie Bumpas back to the show. Leslie is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner whose passion is helping women thrive in all ages and stages.

In this episode, Leslie shares all the tips and tools to redeem romance in your life – using nutrients in food! Download here or listen wherever you get podcasts!

Key Topics:

– Superfoods every woman should include to increase bloodflow and act as an aphrodisiac

– Men’s health topics: foods to boost testosterone, decrease erectile dysfunction, and support blood flow

– The vitamin D/testosterone connection

– Herbs that improve libido in women

– What spinach does for your sex drive

– Improving female health through nutrients

– The real truth behind “an apple a day”

– What to avoid and look for with hormonal imbalances

Learn more about Leslie and her approach to health at

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