Building a Healthy Brain for a Lifetime

We are all at risk for cognitive decline. While there can be a genetic component to Alzheimer’s, that is not the only factor. There are so many ways to protect your brain and prevent cognitive decline – and it starts 20-30 years before a diagnosis!

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Cathy Williams, who I found on Instagram and instantly was drawn to her clear information and beautiful graphics. She gives simple tips for improving brain function that everyone can employ. Download here or listen wherever you get podcasts!

Cathy studied naturopathy and nutrition straight out of high school, and she has worked in the health industry in various ways. Now she coaches clients on how to implement healthy habits that last in order to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Key Topics:

– Risk factors for cognitive decline

– Nutrients necessary for brain health

– Easy ways to create brain-nourishing meals

– Why our brains need us to build habits

– How we can change our habits and start newer, healthier ones

– More tools for a healthy brain

For more information on brain health and beyond, follow Cathy on Instagram at @cathywilliamshealth and visit her website:

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