Researching the Research: Are We Asking the Right Questions?

In order to be my own health advocate and find healing, I had to learn to question everything. I take everything I am told and run it through a lens of skepticism, then critical analysis. This recent podcast episode may fall under the umbrella of “too controversial” for some listeners, but if you’re going to draw a dividing line and say you are “pro” or “anti” anything, you better know what you’re up against.

I never want to persuade anyone to change their beliefs on any matter. But I do want to encourage questioning and a deeper look into all sides of an issue. As of now, we still have freedom to choose what is best for our own bodies and our own health. Nobody can tell you what your body needs like you intuitively can.

Which leads into the episode (which you can listen to here or find wherever you get podcasts)…

He is a pioneer of research on the gut-brain connection and had a moral obligation to his patients. Because of it, he lost everything. Now, Andy Wakefield is an award-winning filmmaker with three thought-provoking films highlighting disparities in medical treatment for the medically injured and marginalized.

In this fascinating conversation, we cover these key topics:

– The gut-brain connection in autism

– How the film “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis” is the first film in American history to become instrumental in commuting a murder sentence.

– How Vaxxed revealed a research coverup that impacted male children, specifically with African American males

– The problem with vaccine hesitancy vs vaccine failure

– The effect of antibiotics and glyphosate on the gut

– How The Act in 1986 changed everything for the medically injured, and the new film that highlights the history

– The importance of medical freedom and being your own health advocate

– The role of biological maternal instinct and intuition

To access the research and documents mentioned, go to Use the code GIFTOFTRUTH to receive 30% off all three of the films discussed in this episode here.

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