My Nutritional Philosophy

You know, recipes stress me out. It’s the aspect of multi-tasking I can’t do. Gathering the ingredients, measuring them out, and moving from my phone to my work station and back again… it’s too much, especially toward the end of the day when my kids are running around terrorizing each other.

I discovered a secret to cooking recently. It goes like this: I play around and I trust my foodie instinct. After thirty-some years in this gluttonous country, I think I know what kind of flavors I like.

salmon bowl

I don’t look at calorie content, so you’ll never see nutrition facts like that on this page. I do follow a formula, though. It’s simple. Continue reading “My Nutritional Philosophy”

Living With a Stigma

little me

This little girl didn’t know that in 10 years she would wish for death. She loved her family, her new siblings, and Jesus, too. Much like the Tom Petty song, she was about to take a free fall – down the path of a broken brain.

She was a preacher’s daughter with a genetic disposition to mental illness. Add on to that various health issues like chronic ear infections, asthma, allergy shots, antibiotics and steroids… and a budding sugar addiction, due to poor gut health. She was all energy and filled with curiosity, wanting to know the how and why of everything. So one day, when the darkness closed in, she would questions why she couldn’t just pray it away.

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Wellness as a Second Language

Hi, I’m Erin Kerry! Welcome to Sparking Wholeness, where I share all the realistic ways I enhance my mind, body, and soul in everyday life.

The language of wellness is new to me, but it has transformed my life. As a survivor of bipolar disorder, I am continuously learning what that means and how it presents itself in my day today. I have been medication-free for 3 and a half years and counting. I consider myself an anomaly (I share my full story here). Because of this, I believe whole body health is key to managing the illnesses that threaten to take us down. Everything is connected. How I feed my body feeds my brain. How I feed my brain feeds my soul. And on it goes.

I have three children who keep me busy and a pastor-counselor-husband who keeps me inspired. I taught English as a Second Language in public school before I made holistic wellness a full-time job so I could be home with my crazies. Now I homeschool, something my public school teaching self would not have believed 5 years ago.

Thank you for joining my journey to wholeness. I hope it sparks a flame inside of you the way it has for me.

fam pc

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi