A Functional Medicine Approach to Making Changes that Stick, Without Dieting

Are the lights on your dashboard going off? Meaning, is your body giving you warning signals that you continue to suppress? This podcast episode is for you!

Jennifer Pickett is a Dietitian turned Functional Wellness Coach. She helps spiraling moms overcome the overwhelm through Functional Wellness coaching for the body, mind and soul so they can transform their health and live a deeply fulfilled life of freedom and harmony. She believes that to make the shift from “knowing” to “doing” you must apply mindfulness, address what is driving the behavior, be intentional and practice self compassion.

Download here or find and listen wherever you get podcasts!

Key Topics:

  • How a functional medicine health coach is different than a dietitian
  • The difference between a coach approach versus expert approach
  • How sleep affects your sugar cravings
  • A functional approach to getting to the root of sugar cravings
  • Making small and sticky changes
  • How to implement mindfulness and self awareness and really listen to your body
  • How to know when you’re over-exercising
  • The calorie-counting myth
  • Helping kids have a healthy relationship with food
  • Identifying obstacles

Listen to Jennifer’s podcast Healthy Harmony for more of her nuggets of wisdom. Learn more about her at inspirehealthyharmony.com.

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