What to Do When Psych Meds Aren’t Working

More people are prescribed psychiatric medication than ever before, so why are we seeing mental health issues continue to climb? How can we support our loved ones when the traditional treatments aren’t working for them?

Dr. Julia Britz specializes in supporting people who are struggling with mental health issues such as OCD, disorders eating and psychiatric medication tapering. Her passion for working with individuals suffering from these lonely conditions is that she too was a “hopeless case”, but got better. Dismissed by doctors, she was told over and over there was nothing else she could try beyond pharmacotherapy, and so was inspired to create myocddiary.com, a site dedicated to documenting the daily life of OCD and related disorders. Through this project and holistic therapies, she found new levels of wellness, and in 2014 did a TED talk called “MyOCDdiary: an imperfect story.”  

She utilizes natural and integrative modalities including targeted amino acid therapy, peptide therapy, micronutrient therapy, bioresonance, botanical medicine and epigenetic analysis, many of which are discussed in this episode.

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Key topics:

  • When meds are needed, when they aren’t
  • Why psych meds don’t seem to work long term
  • Long-term data on medication
  • Side effects of commonly used medication
  • How medication plays a role in dissociation
  • When it is helpful to name a diagnosis
  • What is akathisia
  • How to develop a healing mindset toward mental health
  • Foundations of mental healing
  • Lab testing and genetic aspects of mental illness
  • The immune-brain connection

Learn more about Dr. Britz’s work at www.drjuliabritz.com. 

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