How to Banish Burnout and Start Thriving

Most everyone will cope with burnout at some point in their lives. Those in a helping role may be more prone to burnout than others. Instead of dealing with burnout as it arises, there are practical tools and strategies to employ BEFORE burnout hits.

Dr. Michelle Pokorny is an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary whose doctoral work focused on burnout and soul-care among leaders. Her passion is to help men and women thrive, rather than survive, in their daily lives as well as work.

Download the episode here, or find wherever you get podcasts.

Key Topics:

– Definition of burnout – how emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment play a role

– The difference between burnout and depression

– An explanation for the higher rates of burnout in helping professions

– The impact of isolation on burnout and how stay at home moms are affected

– Gender and burnout

– Day-to-day practices to prevent burnout

– Life-giving, soul-nourishing activities

– Finding boundaries to stay away from the “tyranny of the urgent”

– Burnout and the brain

– Cultivating rest

– Burnout and the pandemic

Learn more about Dr. Pokorny at

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