Simple and Easy Tips for Meal Prepping in the New Year

Looking for ways to freshen up your dinner routine in the new year? This interview with Cassy Joy Garcia is packed with ideas.

Cassy Joy is a New York Times bestselling author, of “Cook Once Dinner Fix,” “Cook Once Eat All Week,” and “Fed and Fit,” as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed + Fit. Eager to share her healthy living secrets with the world, she started Fed + Fit in 2011.

Download and listen here or find wherever you get podcasts!

Key Topics:

  • Cassy Joy’s background in health and nutrition
  • Why gut health makes a difference
  • Importance of food diversity and nutrient density
  • Cassy Joy’s book “Cook Once Dinner Fix”and what makes it different
  • Family favorite recipes
  • Time management tools
  • The concept behind “Cook Once Eat All Week”
  • Cassy Joy’s favorite cooking items
  • Tips for going gluten-free

Get all her great recipes and health tips at her website or follow her on @fedandfit on Instagram.

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