Rhett’s Story – How Treating the Root of Illness Changed Everything

Almost 3 years ago, my third child was born. It was my best pregnancy and easiest labor and delivery. The recovery was a walk in the park. I thought for sure that adding on a third kid would be no problem.

I was wrong. At 8 weeks old, Rhett was admitted to Children’s Hospital due to RSV. His little body fought to breathe. He was congested and had to be suctioned out frequently in order to get oxygen and when that didn’t work, he needed an oxygen mask. It was terrifying.


He developed an ear infection, so he received antibiotics.

He developed thrush and a yeast infection from the antibiotics.

He got better, then developed another ear infection.

More antibiotics.

Then breathing treatments. Albuterol.

More yeast.

More antibiotics.

Reflux and spit-up and projectile vomiting.



Breathing treatments.

Ibuprofen. Tylenol.


Do you get the picture? Do you see the cycle? We were on a cycle of insanity. After the 8th round of antibiotics, he got ear tubes and that seemed to lessen the frequency of the ear infections… but it didn’t heal him.

By the time he was a year old, I was concerned for his immune system. He still struggled with respiratory issues with every little cold or virus. I decided to get a second opinion. My own integrative primary care physician asked me why I didn’t have an integrative doctor for my kids, so I went with her recommendation and switched.

At our first appointment with our new doctor

It was the best decision we could have made. The new pediatrician helped me put a plan into action. We added bone broth, gut healing supplements, and started trying sneaky ways to add in more veggies. We cut out all products containing folic acid, due to my own history with the MTHFR mutation. We took out most processed foods, GMOs, and dairy. Our new doc advised us that children with a history of ear infections benefit form eliminating dairy, and I was willing to try anything. She referred me to an acupuncturist, and we began going to monthly acupuncture appointments to boost his immune system and respiratory health.

We gradually switched to non-toxic detergents and cleaning products, which are major triggers for breathing problems. (Side note – check out my favorite cleaning products and get $10 off your order here). I stopped diffusing eucalytpus and peppermint oils (as those could potentially cause lung spasms in young children).

It took time, diligence, and LOTS of learning new things – and a few more alternative treatments I won’t go into more detail about – but in the end, it was SO worth it. Rhett’s last breathing treatment was December of 2018. At the time I’m writing this, it has been over 8 months since he received that breathing treatment. He hasn’t even gotten so much as a sniffle since then.

We are beginning to add things back into his diet, here and there. His body still doesn’t seem to agree with gluten and dairy, so those only make occasional appearances.

My hope is that Rhett avoids the long term health issues I struggled with due to my early childhood health issues. A leaky gut in childhood can lead to a host of other problems in adulthood.

As chronic illnesses continue to affect about 1 in every 4 children, it is time to find new solutions. It’s time to address the root. Children are so much more adaptable than we can imagine.

Rhett is healthier than ever before. I am so grateful I listened to MY gut in order to treat HIS.


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