ADHD in Children: How to Slow Down to Speed Up

Trish Wilkinson is a mom, parent coach, brain stages expert, and co-author of the best-selling Brain Stages book. She came back to the show for a second time to expand our conversation on ADHD and discuss what to do, as it seems more and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD.

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Key Topics:

  • ADHD family history – more than 70% of kids with ADHD have parents with focus issues
  • Kids with ADHD are not deficient or disordered, but we may be overdiagnosing
  • A brain that works differently is never a bad thing
  • Benefits of brain mapping and neurofeedback
  • Long-term effects of medication for ADHD
  • Differences in male and female brain with ADHD
  • The brain changes that happen in 4th grade
  • Strategies for improved focus and concentration

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