How to Get Organized and Get Rid of Clutter

Spring cleaning doesn’t just help with the physical clutter, there are mental health benefits as well. In this episode of the podcast, professional organizer Dana Hentschel of Arranging Joy shares her passion for organizing and how we can create spaces in our homes that reduce clutter and bring us joy!

Download here or find and listen wherever you get podcasts!

Key Topics:

  • Creating a warm environment for the home
  • Understanding the emotional attachment to our things
  • Creating systems that work – How to de-clutter in an ongoing way
  • How to stay organized with minimal steps
  • Dana’s 3 L system
  • How to find the time to make it work
  • Finding organizational systems that kids will follow through with

Learn more about Dana at her website here, or follow her Instagram for ongoing tips at @arrangingjoy.

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