Tis the Season… for Transition


Guest Contributor: Myles Wren

We all go through various life seasons. Some are pleasant; some are not so pleasant. I asked my friend Myles to share about her experience with emotional wellness during those aching times of transition. Myles is one of my favorite people to “follow” on Instagram. She is so classy, fashion-wise and life-wise. Her style inspires me and her personality and drive motivate me! I knew she would drop some words of wisdom on this topic of transition, and she doesn’t disappoint. If your conviction button doesn’t go off on this one, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Kidding… Kinda. – Erin

2018 was full of transition. Quite frankly none of the transition that I experienced this year felt good and it wasn’t easy to go through; it was all very difficult for me. I started the year off in a very comfortable place, with people around me that made my life fun and exciting. By mid-year, all that changed and without any warning my perfectly comfortable you-don’t-need-to-put-any-effort-into-what-you’re-doing-because-it’s-a-too-easy-life, was no longer.

Talk about bubble busting!

So, here we are having just passed Thanksgiving and fast-tracking towards Christmas and the New Year! (I’m still in shock that we’re here already.) I want to share with you a few things that I learned about myself having gone through a bad season of transition.

  1. Christ is Lord

I don’t want to frighten you, but the word “lord” isn’t a nice nickname that we’ve given Jesus. It’s much more than just a title; it’s an act of surrender. Saying that Jesus is Lord over my life is saying that I have acknowledged His sovereignty and power and that I’ve given Him authority and influence in my life. This act of surrender goes beyond my salvation. It seeps into all the other practical areas of my life like finance, health, relationships, and just about everything else that I involve myself with and make a decision about.

I think a huge part of accepting seasons of transition in your life is surrendering to the authority of Jesus Christ, knowing that He’s got a way better vantage point of our lives and can help us make better, clearer, wiser decisions that not only benefit US – but will benefit Him and others!

  1. Don’t get comfortable with your abilities or inabilities

I feel like we endanger ourselves when we depend too much on our ability to do something. If we’re not careful we move away from the gratitude of acknowledging those that have been our support system to get to the point where we are and/or we distance ourselves from the purpose behind why we tapped into the gift in the first place.

In the same fashion, we endanger ourselves when we fall back on our inability to do something. We find ways to shame ourselves for not progressing or we find fault in others for not developing us enough and leaving us at a disadvantage.

Change reminds you that no matter how much talent you have you’re susceptible to losing it or change will tell you that you don’t need what you thought you needed, you just need to be ready. The word of God says that we should be ready in and out of season. Granted that was in reference to sharing the gospel of peace but I believe we all are destined to contribute to the gospel of peace, no matter where God has placed you and we should be ready to shamelessly and boldly step into that gift when we’re called upon.

  1. Do an inventory on your friendships

Having the right community around you is invaluable. Especially if you desire to step into whatever comes your way with your head held high. I’ve learned this year that there are times when you have to put space between people that you love and care for and people that love and care for you back.

Sometimes the concerns people have for you isn’t healthy for what God is instructing you to do; because we are making HIM Lord over all areas of our life, not just the spiritual “churchy” ones. We’re not making fear our lord anymore, we’re not making money or work lord anymore, and we’re not making acceptance lord anymore; we’re putting Christ on that throne!

We can look at the Job’s friendships and see that the season of transition Job was in was one that he needed to be in alone with God and not around his friends that would later turn their mourning into blame. His friends meant well initially but then they got to talking and instead of uplifting Job and reminding Job of God’s faithfulness, they brought on more pain and confusion.

  1. Build some stamina

Life isn’t always going to be “happy-go-lucky.” There are going to be seasons, like the fall, that things begin to wither and change color. Like the winter, we’ll have to endure some the pain and loss. Like the spring, we’ll begin to see life budding again from the seeds that we woke up early to plant. And like the summer, we’ll reap a harvest! Then we’ll have to do it all over again.

I had to ask myself, “Myles, why do you go to church every week? Why do you spend time praying and in God’s word or with people that want the best for you?” I don’t do it just to check it off my list and hope that it gets me a VIP ticket into heaven, I do it because I want to; because I love the Lord and I’ve seen what He’s done in my life and in other’s lives around me.

This is the same faith I have to recall in seasons of transition. I can’t just serve God when things are going great in my life, I have to serve Him just as faithfully when things aren’t going so well. I believe it’s those disciplines we prioritize in our life that allow us to walk through the various season of our life with a little bit more confidence that everything will be okay.

Seasons of transition can happen without warning and I hope these four tips will help you as I reflect on my year. Perhaps most of you are here because you are committed to treating your bodies right and living long healthy lives. Just like we expect for our bodies to respond to the good things we’re putting in them, our mind, soul, and spirit respond to the good thing (Jesus) we put in it as well; giving you longevity and something to live for.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sparking Wholeness readers! May your new year be merry and bright.


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