Nutrition Coaching

I would love to partner with you!

As a survivor of bipolar disorder, I found that it takes many tools to find healing. One tool I believe strongly in is kitchen therapy. What you eat can directly impact your mental health and well-being. Likewise, your relationship with food and mindset toward it can impact your mental health and well-being. Individualization is key.

This isn’t about a diet plan.

My program is unique, because my program is focused on FREEDOM… freedom from being weighed down by rules and restrictions, poor mindset, negative thought patterns, and a poor relationship with food. My program is about ADDITION over RESTRICTION.

With freedom and the right tools, there is healing.





Private coaching is available! I offer 3 month programs and 6 month programs. Pricing starts at $150/month, depending on the program. I offer discounts for programs paid in full, and I use programs like Intuitive Eating, genetic testing, and general lifestyle accountability as well.

When you partner with me, you get:

  • individualized recommendations based on your individual health history
  • mindful eating tips
  • pantry makeover and a grocery store guide, plus delicious recipe ideas
  • stress management support
  • brain health optimization
  • supplement recommendations
  • a supportive partner to encourage you and stand by you as you become your own health advocate

I currently offer 30 minute complimentary health history consultations to see if we make a good team! I’m also available for stand alone hourly sessions for a small cost. Contact me for more information.

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I believe STRONGLY in the importance of supplementation for overall health. For more information on what I use, click here.