Coaching Information

The first coaching group of 2019 starts next week, January 14!

Join me and holistic health coach/sports nutritionist Melissa McGaughey, as we spend 14 days teaching you to fuel your body so you can flip the switch on your health! Featuring:

  • An exclusive Facebook group for accountability
  • Our favorite recipes
  • Daily meal suggestions
  • 2 group coaching sessions
  • Weekly giveaways

Contact me for more information. Cost is $24.99. Link to sign up is



I would love to partner with you and help you get started on the path to holistic wellness!

Private coaching is available now! I offer 3 month programs and 6 month programs. Pricing varies.

I am currently offering FREE health history consultations. Contact me for more information.

I believe STRONGLY in the importance of supplementation for overall health. For more information on what I use, click here.